Leader/Music Team

Instructions: Click the link to open the required document and download it to your computer.

  1. Schedule Template CLICK HERE and immediately do a “save as” using the American date system to name this file (i.e. “YYYY.MM.DD Service Schedule” or “2016.01.31 Service Schedule“) then save it to a Service Schedule folder which you will have already created where you can find it easily.  Filing it using this “date system” keeps this kind of document in exact date order for ease of locating historical documents when necessary. Please don’t use an old schedule as there may have been changes. Always start with a new download. Please remember the Service leader on the day leads the whole team.
  2. Available Song List CLICK HERE You can open the file in Excel and download it to your computer so you don’t have to go to this site every time you want to look for a song. Due to copyright reasons we can only use songs from this list at the moment. The website version will always be the latest version. A “Correction of Song In The Data Base” form is available HERE.
  3. EasyWorship 6 Manual CLICK HERE
  4. Technical people – Computer Requirements for EasyWorship 6 CLICK HERE